CSR Activity — 100 Slippers for 100 Kids

For the second quarter of the year, select employees from Phitopolis went to St. Andrews Parish Church in a heartening display of community spirit through the company’s CSR Activity entitled, “100 Slippers for 100 Kids”. With the vision of making continuous, small differences in the lives of children in the community, the committee organized a donation drive to collect new, colorful slippers for distribution.


Accompanied by their parents and guardians, kids sat and waited albeit excitedly for them to be called and to try on new slippers that they liked best. Our volunteer employees then assisted the kids to pick their favorite color among the selection, and helped them find the right fit. With our employees’ friendly faces, even the shy kids that joined the activity shed all hesitancy as they exchanged high-fives with our volunteers and tried on their new footwear.

The sight of beaming, smiling faces adorned with new slippers filled the air with a sense of gratitude, leaving our volunteer employees with bright smiles on their faces, too. The act of giving not only provided new footwear for the children but also fostered a sense of unity among the employees — strengthening bonds and warmth, reminding everyone of the company’s commitment to making a positive difference in the community.