Inspiring the Next Generation of Quants: Our Talks at the Google Developers Student Club DLSU

On April 20, 2024, Marke Arellano and I had the privilege to be invited by the Google Developers Student Club De La Salle University (GDSC DLSU) to present at the Globe Tower in BGC. It was an exciting opportunity to share our knowledge and experiences with the next generation of aspiring quants and developers.


Marke’s talk, titled “A Biased Look: Navigating Traditional and Quantitative Finance,” provided valuable insights into the skill sets and challenges faced in both traditional and quantitative finance roles. Drawing from his personal journey transitioning from a fundamental researcher and stockbroker to a quantitative researcher, Marke emphasized the importance of Python, data analysis, and machine learning in his daily work.


My presentation, “AI & LLMs: Transforming Quantitative Finance Research,” delved into the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence and Large Language Models in quantitative finance. I discussed how these cutting-edge technologies can serve as powerful programming assistants, aiding in debugging, problem-solving, and working with unfamiliar tools. Additionally, I highlighted their role as research assistants, helping generate and explore ideas, diving into new topics, answering specific questions, and clarifying dense academic content.


The enthusiasm and curiosity displayed by the students were truly inspiring. The engaging Q&A session that followed our talks revealed a nascent interest in quantitative finance careers among the attendees. It was a pleasure to share our experiences and offer guidance to these brilliant minds.


We would like to extend our gratitude to the GDSC DLSU for this wonderful opportunity to connect with and inspire the next generation of quants and developers. We look forward to future collaborations and contributing to the growth of the quantitative finance community in the Philippines.