CSR Activity — Beautification Project for St. Joseph Chapel and St. Andrew Parish Church

Here at Phitopolis, we recognize the importance of making a positive impact not only in our corporate sphere but also in the community. That is why we have once again partnered with the barangay council and residents for a corporate social responsibility project in Taguig, together with our volunteer employees. 

Phitopolis Beautification Project

Our project is part of a series that aims to beautify St. Joseph Chapel and St. Andrew Parish Church by painting fences, walls, gutters, and decorative gardening pieces, improving the overall appearance and cleanliness of the place.

Demonstrating our commitment to social responsibility, our volunteer employees worked closely together with members of the council on this effort. We provided the paint brushes for the painting work to be done, along with gardening gloves, both of which were donated to the residents for the next phase of the beautification project. By noon, the volunteer employees were able to finish cleaning and sprucing up both places, leaving a better and livelier appearance than what they had started with.

This CSR activity was just one of the ways that the company prioritized engaging in community projects and corporate social responsibility initiatives. We aim to continue this initiative, and we’re excited to further contribute to creating a more sustainable environment for all.