Hike with Mike

In a recent investor visit, Phitopolis welcomed three of Quantbot’s co-founders, Paul White, Ashar Mahboob, and Mike Lisak. It was Mike’s first time to visit the Philippines so Phitopolis decided to give him a different kind of immersion into the team – a trek through the Discovery Trail of Masungi Georeserve. Along with Ashar and the Phitopolis team, the journey featured rope courses, hanging bridges, caves, and steep climbs against the backdrop of the southern Sierra Madre in Rizal. 

Beyond the physical challenges, this unique adventure served as a catalyst for teamwork and camaraderie, building a bond among the participants. 

We hope Mike returned from this adventure not only with a firsthand appreciation of the region’s beauty but also a deeper connection to the spirit of collaboration with the team.

hike with mike