ReactJS Philippines and Phitopolis Rehackts!

What is Rehackt?

Rehackt is a month-long series of events in line with HacktoberFest, a yearly tradition where ReactJS Philippines hosts events to give back to the Philippines’ open source community. This is where developers get to showcase their talents and meet fellow developers.  

Rehackt provides a forum for developers to express their coding talents in a fun and enjoyable way minus the stress or pressure.  Developers are encouraged to go all out with their projects.  The only limit is their imagination.

During the Rehackt Challenge, participants were given a theme. Using ReactJS, they were tasked to develop a simple application where users can control media sliders or volume sliders in a witty and creative way. At the end of the challenge, 4 winners were chosen to receive a prize from ReactJS Philippines and the event’s sponsors.

Rehackt also had a segment called Rehackt: After Hours where participants showed off their coding skills and open source projects, commended the best Rehackt Challenge entries and shared best practices in executing applications well.


Rehackting with Phitopolis 

This year’s Rehackt is a first for Phitopolis to sponsor the event. The event proved to be a great way to introduce Phitopolis to the Philippines’ open source community, showcase its people and the work they do and give a glimpse as to why Phitopolis is a fun place to work in. 

Phitopolis was well represented by its very own developers – Marjorie Martinez and Jayson De los Reyes – who showed what Phitopolis has in store for the developers community.


Rehackt was a great experience for the ReactJS community of IT hardcores and enthusiasts composed of students and professionals. It was a great way to bond, relax and chill with the group while sharing work experiences, coding styles and the challenges that come with it. 

The event was a success even with the limitation of being a virtual event.  Everyone signed off that night with a wider network of friends and contacts, new and exciting information on the latest trends and loads of prizes and fun.

Everyone can only look forward to the next Rehackt – hopefully face to face this time.


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