CDS: Collaborating Data teams = Success

Phitopolis and Codewilling Data Teams Collaboration

Phitopolis and Codewilling Core Data Services (CDS) teams have weekly collaboration meetings to ensure that both teams stay true and on track to its commitments and deliverables. This is also a useful formal checkpoint beyond the daily interactions between the staff at both companies.

These weekly meetings, also termed as “Weekly Sync”, are a way of sharing the latest news about both the companies. The meeting starts off with the Phitopolis CDS team giving their progress reports. If there are questions and comments regarding the reports they voice out their concerns. Then at the latter part of the meeting Mark (Phitopolis CTO) and Tao (CW Senior Software Engineer) will discuss plans if there will be changes to lineups on who will work with CW from Phitopolis and vice versa. 


Weekly Syncs have been very useful and impactful to the growth and development of the Phitopolis CDS team, where they get to collaborate with great people with great ideas. This also gives them an opportunity to make improvements to their current projects and also share their key insights to their counterpart.

Despite the meetings being held virtually, these Weekly Syncs have also helped their relationship improve not only within their team but also with their CW counterparts and also with Mark. It has helped the drive of the Phitopolis CDS to learn more, study more and interact more with one another. 

Not only does this benefit the ones who are in the weekly sync, but they also relay the knowledge and message that they have learned to the rest of the data team. Which will also be a great help to the newcomers, knowing that the Phitopolis CDS team has grown to a number and is still growing to this day. 

With support from Mark and Tao, the CDS team continues to grow and adapt in the global IT domain.