2024 Graduates AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification

As the first batch of the 2024 Graduate Program of Phitopolis, we are thrilled that we all have made our mark in the field of cloud computing after earning our AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification. This highly regarded credential serves as a measure of one’s foundational knowledge and skills revolving around cloud technologies and AWS Cloud services. Despite coming fresh out of university with diverse technological backgrounds and degrees, becoming Cloud Practitioners was made possible through our consistent teamwork and tenacity.

From left to right: Joaquin, Kobbie, Kian, Sean, Josua, Daryn, Tyrone, Luigi, Lito, Paolo, Marga, Bea, Renier, Anna, Kenzo, Carl, Yannis, Cel, Jev, Gail, Patrick, Khalid, Kevin

“It is a challenging yet rewarding experience for anyone wanting to take a leap into the world of cloud computing,” one of us avidly shares. Indeed, countless hours of reading and going through various case studies have proven to be worth it, especially when these are all done with people who are beyond passionate about learning and achieving goals together. 

As graduates, our learning journey was built upon the pillars of collaboration, commitment, and determination. Balancing work and study proved to be a significant challenge. Continuously seeking out different learning resources while actively fulfilling work responsibilities was a constant hurdle. Fortunately, everyone was basically ready to help each other out. From asking advice from our colleagues who have taken the exam to actually doing practice exams together, we effortlessly fostered a collaborative and healthy space for learning.  

We found ourselves caught in a cycle of facing setbacks in various practice exams, persevering through challenges, and finally reaching expected, or even favorable, results. This achievement wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the company, the Technical Graduate Program, and our colleagues. Their mentorship and words of encouragement have helped us continually grow and improve as individuals. While we’ve gained valuable lessons from this experience, there’s still a whole lot more left to learn. This is just one of the many milestones awaiting us.