Overcoming the Challenges of Remote Working

Mid-March 2020, in order to look after each employees’ physical and mental well being, Phitopolis rolled out remote working options for all. For a young company that hasn’t enabled work from home before, this scenario is like a trial by fire for all teams, including stakeholders. It’s been three months and the team’s velocity is […]

Partnering For Success

The year 2020 started with an exciting new partnership for Phitopolis as we hosted 3 Masters students from Ateneo de Manila University completing their Masters program in Applied Mathematics with a specialization in Mathematical Finance. This partnership was part of their program’s Capstone Project which aimed to give the students an opportunity to gain real-world […]

Pandemic Response 2020

BCP to Quarantine – dealing with “new normals” When we started this company we deliberately chose a premium office space with which to attract top talent and make a statement about the culture and ethos of Phitopolis. We all enjoyed those first months working in a collaborative environment which definitely helped forge the early bonds […]