Phitopolis F45 Class 2023


During our most recent investor visit, Phitopolis decided to shake things up a bit. In addition to the usual lunch meetings and night outs, the company booked a private class at F45 – a gym that specializes in high-intensity group workouts. For this class we chose an intense cardio-based workout called Redline with 9 exercises each done for five sets progressing from 20 seconds to 60 seconds with just 5 seconds break in between. The class started with an introduction to the workout by the F45 coaches and a demonstration by our very own Geli and Aerjay. Nearly half of the company participated in the event including interns, Quantbot’s CIO, Ashar Mahboob, and Codewilling’s CIO, Bala Ganendra.

 It was a definitely challenging activity but every single one of us pushed through and not a single participant backed down. Looking forward to more fun and challenging activities here at Phitopolis.