Mabuhay Dan

One of the advantages of working at Phitopolis is the opportunity to collaborate with and learn from our global partners. We were happy to welcome Dan Symonds from Quantbot’s London office who joined us for a couple of weeks in July to conduct training and knowledge transfer with our DevOps team.

Phitopolis helps support the global Trading and Data Operations of Quantbot under a partnership agreement that sees the two firms work very closely together. Dan’s visit was most helpful as it gave our team the opportunity to dive deeply into the complexities of the systems and gain a better understanding of how to respond to various situations that may arise during Trading Day. We were taught and guided how to perform and prioritize tasks efficiently to improve the services we provide. The sessions were highly effective and were recorded for future training purposes. 

While Dan was here, he sampled some Filipino hospitality and cuisine with the various teams of Phitopolis during bonding sessions at various restaurants in the area.

All of us at Phitopolis would like to thank Dan for visiting Manila and we are grateful to Quantbot for continuously investing in the partnership.