Let the Fun Begin!

Just as the 4th COVID-19 surge in the NCR starts to decline in February 2022, Funtopolis was  launched. And what a better time to celebrate our freedom from lockdowns as we move towards the new normal than to bond with our friends and teammates outside work!

Fun + Phitopolis = Funtopolis 

Sponsored by Phitopolis, Funtopolis are monthly team bonding activities chosen by each team to give our hard working teams the opportunity to celebrate their successes, collaborate and strengthen ties in a relaxed and fun way. 

Six Teams.  One Common Goal.

The opportunity to hang out and do something different and fun is something we all look forward to doing every time.  This month, six teams went around the metro for their team bonding activities.  From belting out their favorite hits to conquering their fears of falling, these activities were a mash up of entertainment, collaboration and to some extent, performance – all setting the tone for a stronger camaraderie and positive work culture as we build fond shared memories together.

Super excited to doing more Funtopolis – this time not  just with my beloved HR/Admin team but in combination with the other awesome teams (yoohoo!).  

Indeed, there are countless ways to live out our values at Phitopolis – whether at work or play.